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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

United Airlines 're-accomodates' a doctor by violently dragging him off a plane

That headline does not even need any journalistic creativity. The truth has angered so many. Because United Airlines practices overbooking flights like so many other airlines, they decided to remove an elderly physician by force from a plane.

Here's the video you've probably already seen.

They actually did that to a 69 year old physician. It just cannot be justified.
Everyone I've spoken to has basically flipped a table when they heard about it.

United Airlines did try to offer money to passengers to get off the plane that they overbooked. And when there were no takers, they decided to ?randomly select a person and use physical force to remove him.

And the drama did not end there. The CEO posts a lip-service styled response to the issue soon after, the most significant statement being:
“I apologize for having for having to re-accommodate these customers, 
-Oscar Munoz,CEO, United Airlines.

Wow.. That's even worse than a non-response.

But wait, there's even more. An internal email starts circulating showing his support for the actions of the employees.

The only reassuring thing about this whole scenario is how globally this company has been chastised for their actions. People are responding by sharing the message, boycotts towards the airlines and cutting up United Airlines' cards. 

And that's the way a company that has grown too fat for it's own good goes down. When taking out a doctor off the flight to accommodate four of their own employees is acceptable SOP, it's time to eject this company from existence the way it ejected the doctor. 

United Airlines just needs to be re-accommodated, to chapter 7.

I will be spreading the message to boycott such reprehensible actions against a medical personnel. And I hope you do too.

Just before you leave, here's a spoof United Airlines ad done by the Jimmy Kimmel show:



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